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The Best Walking Safaris in Kenya for Nature Lovers

Walking Safaris allow visitors to take slow-moving, guided walks with the primary goal of exploring various wildlife species all over the bush. Details missed on safaris become more evident from the slower speed and a lower angle of the walking foot since you will get a genuine perspective of the bush instead of merely observing it.

When you book a nature tour with Pega Tours, we immediately customize it specifically to highlight the gems you wish to see. These include bird species, flora and fauna, historical and archaeological sites, rivers, lakes, and natural formations.

Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk is one of the most thrilling hiking destinations in Kenya. The Walk is a great place to unwind in nature for a stroll that would last up to three hours. The adventure is ideal for family bonding, reunions, first dates, corporate team buildings, or solo travel. It is also a unique location to see nature and take in Kenya’s diverse wildlife population, including the endangered bongo, white rhino, albino zebra, antelopes, primates, and bird species.

Karisia Walking Safaris

Karisia Walking Safaris traverse through stunning landscapes that depict a tumultuous geologic past next to the Rift Valley. Flints, shards, burials, and ceramics are among the archeological items that litter the ground, indicating a similarly extensive cultural past.

The wildlife within the region of Laikipia is unique for having the widest variety of grazers and browsers in Kenya. Along with threatened species such as the Grevy’s Zebra, wild dogs, and Highland Hartebeest, elephants, big cats, and other predators occupy the vast scenery.

Oloolua Nature Trail

This lovely nature route is an excellent place for people who like quick hikes, those who want to jog, and anybody who wants to unwind in a peaceful atmosphere. It offers the perfect gateway excursion to explore a calm and relaxing environment.

The route meanders through deep forests that are home to various plant species. The diverse vegetation provides ample habitat for birds and butterflies, and this combination is the main attraction in this area. Huge bamboo bushes parade along the resident river to entice you to descend an ancient staircase. 

Furnished benches beside the stairs will be your resting area if you need to catch your breath or chat with a mate. You will notice underground tunnels from the wooden steps farther down, which are believed to be our freedom fighters, the ‘Mau Mau warriors’ liar.

Hell's Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate Park is an ostentatious serene environment exceptional for nature walking and rock climbing. The towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub-clad volcanoes, and belching plumes of geothermal steam make the park one of the most atmospheric parks in Kenya. Renowned filming corporations have also singled out the park for shooting adrenaline-spiking movies such as “The Tomb Raider” due to its spectacular natural caves burrowing in the rift valley cliffs.

Great Rift Valley

This Great Rift Valley is undoubtedly a sight to behold and one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations. Some of the oldest, deepest, and biggest lakes are found here. The Valley, with its escarpments, volcano lakes, flat landscapes, and ancient granite mountains, offers breathtaking vistas and captures enormous fluctuations in topographic variety. Activities, including gaming, hiking, trekking, photography, guided walks, bird watching, and more, are most welcome in the rift valley. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking as you approach Nairobi.

Ngong Hills

Mountain climbing lovers and enthusiasts of nature trails will find a haven in the Ngong Hills. It is the ideal retreat location due to its peaceful environs, gorgeous surroundings, and rough terrain. The serene and beautiful plains of Ngong Hills are pretty catchy, starting from Ngong Town, all the way to the upper edge of the mountain, to Kona Baridi’s southernmost point.

Chyulu Hills

Chyulu Hills offer fantastic views of the local wildlife and a relaxing environment for those who enjoy outdoor hiking. The highlands are sandwiched between Tsavo West and Amboseli national parks, complementing its scenic beauty and impressive nature trails.

Karura Forest

With a diversity of native tree species and dozens of birds, this lovely forest on the outcast of Nairobi city is excellent for nature trails, bike rides, family reunions, team building, and outdoor fitness. 


Leave nothing to chance by exploring our great country’s fantastic scenery for Walking Safaris. We will provide you with the most affordable, all-inclusive vacation adventures for an outstanding customized Safari experience. Contact us to make your reservation for your Walking Safari retreat.


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