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Plan your first or next group adventure as friends, family or people with mutual interests

Explore the best places to visit in Kenya with our group tours packages which cater for your
needs, from when you make an inquiry from our team to the end of your stay.
We have qualified travel agents and a hospitable team that will meet you at the airport when you
get into the country and ensure that you are safe while you explore your desired destinations,
whether it is for a day trip, or even, one month!

Most Popular Local Tours

8 Days on Safari: A Wildlife Escape to Kenya on a Budget

Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha

Crown Jewel of Kenya: Conquering Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Explore Your World (6nights)

Nyeri, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara

Experience the Ultimate African Safari Adventure(4 Days)

Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru

Get-a-way Classic Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East

14 Days Across Kenya: The Ultimate Wildlife Odyssey

Nairobi-Samburu-Lake Nakuru-Lake Naivasha-Mara-Amboseli-Tsavo West

Over the years, we have learned that each travel group has unique wants and needs, and have
been able to host people from different countries and backgrounds, specializing each package
to your group.

We have also hand-picked top destinations for you, but also give you the opportunity to request
for what you would like to experience, whether you would like to visit cool places in Nairobi then
experience a Kenya Masai Mara tour and finally end at the Kenyan coast, our team will
customize your experience to fit your needs

Google Reviews

Suzan Muregi
Suzan Muregi
It was an awesome trip
Celine Hollaender
Celine Hollaender
Was für eine wunderbare Erfahrung! Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit mit Peter und seiner Familie in Nakuru. Auch die Safari in den lake nakuru national Park und nach masai Mara wurde top durch pegatours geplant. Der Preis war sehr fair und vor allem haben wir uns immer gefühlt als wären wir mit Freunden unterwegs.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson
We did a one day safari at Lake Nakuru with Pega tours and it was amazing. Our guide was very knowledgeable and patient with us. We saw some amazing things, including a pride of 7 lions plus 2 cubs hunting down warthogs. Peter Gatere and his family were very accommodating and super helpful with all of our needs while we were in Nakuru. Thanks, Peter!
Tanyella Allison
Tanyella Allison
An amazing tour and guide! We saw so many animals, including lions in the trees!
John Njoroge
John Njoroge
Very very professional and personalized service.
Daniel M
Daniel M
Very fast in flight booking,efficiency and friendly staff(jane). They are the best!
Martin Gradowski
Martin Gradowski
We had a very pleasant 1-day experience with Pega Tours, with Denis as our guide. We saw rhinos, flamingos, lions, giraffes, warthogs, and many others. Denis is a friendly man, a knowledgeable guide, and a good driver. This experience was a nice contrast from our previous tour with a different company, this time in Masai Mara, where our guide bribed the park ranger to extend the previous day's entry permit, and put the money that we paid for the next day in his own pocket. With Pega Tours, the experience was transparent and honest, and I value this very much.
elements Creative
elements Creative
Best touring agency one could get. Good rates, friendly staff and their tours are amazing
Yvonne S
Yvonne S
We booked a 10 day safari tour in Kenya and it was truly an amazing und unforgettable experience. Our tour guide Dennis planned everything in detail and was very friendly. He always made sure to spot the animals and he was a safe driver. I can highly recommend PEGA TOURS and will definitely come back.
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