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Honeymoon Safari in the African Savannah

A honeymoon on an African safari is undeniably the best experience ever! You can have it all! From a beautiful candlelit dinner under the moon and stars to a friendly campfire with traditional Kenyan songs where you will get to dance the night away with the locals. You can choose to get lost in the wilderness and be one with nature or hit the beach at the coast. And the beauty of it all is that Pega Tours will be with you through the entire period of your escapade.

Choosing a superb destination to match your preference, style, and budget can be overwhelming and tedious. That is where we come in! Pega Tours is always at your service to enlighten you on the best honeymoon packages and romantic getaways on the continent.

Our all-inclusive Kenya honeymoon packages are experiences of sheer lushness, serenity, and superb accommodation with stunning interiors to spice up your mood. You get nothing short of outstanding customer service, and elegant facilities when you choose Pega Tours as your preferred honeymoon safari guide. 

Experience a Romantic Honeymoon Exploit

Kenya is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Africa. It offers remarkable exploits to the savannah, beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches, and unforgettable hot air balloon rides, among many more feats. 

At PegaTours, we offer honeymooners specialized attention to ensure they enjoy an unmatched romantic getaway during their stay. We are always available to help our couples with bookings and reservations to ensure a seamless experience. 

With our extensive list of serene honeymoon pleasures in Kenya from different locations, honeymooners can customize their experiences whichever way they like. 

You will not miss out on any of the following:

  • Bedroom camps offering breath-taking views of the African wild. Picture a plunge pool with cold and hot water, spiced up with excellent lighting to bring out a rustic and magical African honeymoon in the wilderness.
  • Romantic incomparable seclusion in cottages nestled on the hillside overlooking vast plains of National parks and bird watching sanctuaries.
  • Romantic resort spas at pristine Kenyan beaches, marine park tours; Swahili suites and ocean front villas to make your honeymoon sensational and unforgettable. 

Impressive Honeymoon Convenience at Favorable Rates

We very much acknowledge that honeymooners profoundly value outstanding accommodation and we try to keep your experiences as natural as possible. Recommendations from couples are also highly welcomed.

The safari lodges and camps of your choice will vary depending on size and intimacy. Whichever you choose, you are assured of a perfect romantic mood. 

Your honeymoon package will be treated with:

  • Cheerful experiences to cater to your romantic personal needs 
  • Dinner-for-two  
  • 24 hours quality customer service
  • Tours and unique experiences 
  • Discounted travel deals


Your Honeymoon Escapade Awaits You! Reach Out for Your Booking

Honeymoons happen once in a lifetime, and PegaTours is at your service to ensure you enjoy your special day. We will closely consider your budget and ensure you gain value for your money. 

Book yourself today for an all-inclusive memorable Kenya honeymoon package and make a perfect day of the true definition of a uniquely African experience, sightseeing, and more. Contact us now, and our luxury travel agents will guide you on how to book your vacation. We have the potential to reveal all the secrets that nature has to offer after your big day. 


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