Lake Nakuru is one of the Great Rift Valley Lakes. It has an outstanding elevation of 1754m and a surface area of approximately 68 square kilometres. Situated south of Nakuru town in the rift valley, the lake is engulfed and bordered by the vast plains of Lake Nakuru National Park. Woody and bushy grasslands best describe the terrain around the lake. Far near the horizons are beautiful sceneries of majestic escarpments and striking ridges.

Nakuru means “Dust or a Dusty place” in the local Maasai language. The town of Nakuru (now a city), lies northwest of the capital Nairobi; well accessible by road with a distance of approximately 155km. In the early years the European settlers fancied Nakuru for its fertile soils suitable for agriculture and its beautiful scenery.

Lake Nakuru has a significant profusion of algae. This has made the Lake a favourite spot for flamingos and other birds. In addition to the birds, the immediate ambience of the lake is a rich ecological diversity and wide-ranging habitats for both flora and fauna. The lake is home to hippopotamuses, waterbucks, impalas and more.

Our visitors never get enough of the mind-blowing excursions in Nakuru such as game drives, hiking, picnic, and bird watching. Pega Tours is at your service to provide all relevant information to facilitate a seamless expedition. Here are some tips for you:

Lake Nakuru Tips

Lake Nakuru National Park’s main gem is a glorious shallow Lake and UNESCO World Heritage Site infamous for supporting birdlife including the lesser flamingo pelican flocks, African fish eagle, Long-tailed widow bird, the Northern Puff back and more.

The Park is a first-class game park and among the most visited in Kenya. Reason for this! Game lovers and wildlife explorers are rendered with insatiable merry due to the park’s rich diversity in wildlife species. It boasts of 100 endangered rhinos, both black and white.

Other animal species are members of the big cats including lions and leopards, buffalos, impalas, Rothschild’s giraffe, waterbucks and more.  Over the years the park has transitioned in many ways to make it an ideal destination for adventure safaris where visitors experience bizarre splendour of the park in central Nakuru.

Best Time to Go

The ideal time to visit the Lake is key to ensuring your safari is a success. The factors to consider will mainly be your budget, weather conditions, your preferred nature of accommodation, transport means during and after the safari, activities to take on and probably the company to travel with.  

  • Peak season: This is mostly between the months of June and September. The weather is normally sunny with clear skies. The park has the highest number of tourists, and the rates are quite high as well in the months of June. The season comes right after the long rains and there is plentiful of food for the grazers and browsers who in turn provide juicy meat for the predators.
  • High season: The park is busy during this period. This is normally the between the months of January and March before the long rains. The animals have dispersed at this time of the year. However, you will still catch a glimpse of quite a number as you engage in other fun activities. Rates are quite fair including accommodation.
  • Low season: April to May is a season for the long rains. The Lake ecosystem receives a lot of rainfall currently. There are fewer visitors coming to the park. There’s taller grass in the park making the animals quite difficult to see. Not to worry though, the birds still flock the lake to pick algae and the roads in the park are well accessible for adventure tours. The lodges currently have lucrative offers and waivers.


If you are looking for the best accommodation around Lake Nakuru, then this list has everything you need. Here are some of the best options for locals and tourists according to reviews by previous guests.

Flamingo Hill Luxury Tented Camp

The superb Camp has tents made from canvas khaki tents under the shelter of thatched roofing and painted in classic safari colours. The tents have en suite bathrooms, beds of mahogany and wrought iron and crispy sheets of linen. Each tent has a deck with beautiful safari chairs to sit back as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game park plains. In the main lounge there’s a restaurant, a bar for after-safari sundowners, a board games lounge and a roaring fire.

Lake Nakuru Lodge

A cosy safari lodge with outstanding environs and incredible service. Built to blend in with the surrounding, the lodge sits at an ideal location for a spectacular view of the vast lake and magnificent plains of national park. From here you can plan your game drives birding expeditions and more.   

Lake Nakuru Sopa lodge

Sopa lodge is located inside the National Park; right on the hills that make up the western limits of the Rift Valley. The view from here is heavenly over the immensity of our beautiful continent. The lodge is a paradise for bird lovers and wildlife explorers. 

This is so because it overlooks the lake and the adjacent national park. And guess what? The flight time from the capital Nairobi to Naishi airstrip is only 40 min, after which you proceed to the lodge through a well surfaced tarmac road.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Nested upon the Lion Hill the lodge provides a fantastic view of the flamingo pink rimmed Lake Nakuru. The travel time from Nairobi is two and half hours. It is one of the favourites for foreign visitors touring the rift valley. Acacia and Euphorbia trees surround its natural landscape. These provide shade for evening walks in the sunset.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Many questions have been put forward concerning Lake Nakuru. The following are the most common and frequent ones:

How deep is Lake Nakuru?

The Lake has a maximum depth of 6 feet or 1.8 metres. Its average depth records at one foot or 0.3 metres.

How far is Lake Nakuru from Nairobi?

From the capital Nairobi, our visitors will have to cover a distance of 157 Km. the trip normally takes at least 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Why is Lake Nakuru famous?

The lesser pink flamingos have been the most prevalent feature of the lake. Over the years they have formed a beautiful pink rim all across the lake making it one of the single most iconic attributes of Lake Nakuru. The wide variety of wildlife especially the black and white rhinos also make the lake a very popular tourist attraction site.

How much does is cost to go to Lake Nakuru?

The cost depends on the means of transport you decide to use. Our very dedicated travel agents at Pega Tours are at your service to present the best travel offers for all the seasons. Whether by air or road we got you covered for an all-inclusive affair.

What is Lake Nakuru known for in Kenya?

The magnificent Lake is renowned for its ease in accessibility by road and air from almost all parts of the country. Besides the wide game diversity and the immense bird population which very much popularize the Lake, our visitors are welcomed by exemplary staff in our lodges to cater for your every need. The customer service is just first-class.

Is Lake Nakuru worth visiting?

There’s no doubt that a tour to the Lake will leave you mesmerised. Lake Nakuru has some of the best lodges the country has to offer. Oh yes, amazing views from the decks of our lodges which overlook the vast plains of a game park and the lake. The game drives, outdoor picnics, ultimate birding experience, hikes and more will remain nostalgic after your first experience.

What animals are in the Lake Nakuru National Park?

For starters, the lake is a haven for at least 400 species of birds. Most commonly the lesser flamingos and the huge pelican flocks. Wildlife species include the black and white rhinos, hippos, water bucks, impalas, buffalos, lions and more.

How much does it cost to get into Lake Nakuru National Park?

The charges differ between citizens and non-citizens, adults, and children/students. There are also peak and low seasons. All with varying charges. However, Pega Tours assures you that it will cost you nothing outside your budget estimates. We are here to give you the best offers. 

Book yourself with us today and experience seamless adventure and extraordinary moments with your family and loved ones. Contact Pega Tours today and make your reservation with ease.