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Epic Solo Expeditions in Kenya

A solo excursion in Kenya has never been more entertaining and fun filled. If you ever desire to do a solo tour in a warm and welcoming country with spectacular landscapes, clean beaches, beautiful wildlife, and scenic views, then Kenya is the place to be.

Pega Tour’s response to travellers inquiring about solo adventure travel has always been, “Go For It!”. There are countless secret gateways in Kenya to make your tour a unique experience. The best part is that you can even use public transport to and from these hidden gems; interact with the fantastic Kenyans from different cultures and enjoy local delicacies such as roasted maize. 

From experience, we understand the Kenya safari solo traveller is best suited for small, tented camps and private concessions in reserves rather than large safari lodges, and we do our best to offer an unmatched accommodation. Solo trips are preferred along the coast or in an open wild safari. The highlights are usually the same for most visitors; the thrill of touring the bush and enjoying the wilderness just like the animals themselves.

Go Your Own Way, Fly Solo!

Solo travelers to Kenya are afforded comfort in top Kenya hotels, tented camps, Airbnb’s, safari lodges, and hostels. A solo visitor may be charged more compared to couples but guess what? Pega Tours will give you a waiver when travelling during the offseason. 

At PegaTours, we ensure our solo travellers enjoy unlimited customized expeditions. Just envision:

• Savage wilderness runs and mountain climbing trips to the peak of Mount Kenya, rafting on the white waters of rivers flowing downstream and enjoying scenic views from the deck of your safari lodge next to a bonfire.
• Stretches of white sandy beaches for your evening walks to clear your mind; cool bars and hostels at the beachfront; and a lifetime Sea surfing experience
• Luxurious hotels, spacious, lucrative with clean facilities, cosy beds, and hygienic toilets.

Enjoy Unmatched Solo Welcoming Rates and Convenience

We have the best places for solo travel, and we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to ensuring a faultless excursion. 

PegaTours carefully designs holidays with the independent traveler in mind. We offer all types of expeditions stretching to all locations in the entire country. You will be treated to: 

  • Spirited experiences to cater to your personal needs
  • Spacious and cozy accommodation for your privacy at very affordable rates.
  • Guided trips and safaris where you will make new friends and meet like-minded travellers from all over the world 
  • Favourable rates as you don’t have to cover payments for an extra person or group. 

What are you waiting for? Book today!

We are always ready to serve you and listen to your comments, suggestions, or queries. Your comfort and feedback remain our highest priority!
Why not enjoy a unique experience on your own? Pega tours will provide a customer-friendly itinerary and popular trips for our esteemed solo travellers. Feel free to ask our experts and book with us anytime.


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