Lake Naivasha lies outside Naivasha town in Nakuru County, northwest of Nairobi. The lake is accessible by a 98km road from Nairobi to Naivasha. Travelers can also opt to use the SGR train, which takes a short time to reach the town from Nairobi. The freshwater lake is part of the Great Rift Valley, renowned for its must-visit touristy spots and magnificent landscapes.

The word ‘Naivasha’ was derived from a local Maasai name ‘Naiposha’, which translates to “rough water”. Interestingly, the lake stands out by having the highest altitude in the rift valley at 1884 metres above sea level. 

Lake Naivasha contains a combination of sedimentary rocks and volcanic deposits, and it is fed by two main rivers: Malewa and Gilgil. Another fun fact about the lake is that it has no visible outlets. Since the lake is fresh, it is believed to have an underground outflow. The lake has a surface area of 139 square kilometres, an average depth of 6 metres, and serves as a home to various aquatic animals. Wondering what things you can do during your visit to lake Naivasha? Here is all you need to know:

Best Time to Visit

Lake Naivasha is in close proximity to a vast number of tourist attraction sites in Naivasha. Pega Tours recommends a stay at our incredible lodges for a fabulous day trip, or a weekend getaway, among other excursions. You can explore Lake Naivasha at any time of the year. 

However, the best time is usually from June to October. These summer months are considerably hot, but the fun and luxury render the heat bearable. The hot weather is perfect for experiencing the scenery and wildlife since you will get a chance to take amazing photos of your exploit.


You will find a variety of graceful accommodation options around Lake Naivasha. Pega Tours goes the extra mile to find the best accommodation for its guests on all exploits and this one is not an exception. Here are some of the options on our list:

Sawela Lodges

Sawela Lodges is a popular hotel in the vicinity of the lake. With 90 elegant rooms, you can choose between deluxe rooms, Business Deluxe rooms, superior rooms or an executive suite. 

Chef Kennethy and his team run the restaurant. The food they prepare is to die for; delicious dishes made from fresh produce from the local farmers. The restaurant’s signature dish is the grilled tilapia. 

Other elegant facilities at the lodge include a football pitch, an outdoor swimming pool, volley, and netball courts.

Lake Naivasha Resort

The resort is located on the Moi South Lake Road, just metres away from the lake itself. It has elegant facilities such as an acacia restaurant, three outdoor pools, 2 bars, a gym, and a Jacuzzi. 

After an incredible game drive, the spa is the ideal place to chill. You are welcome to choose between a massage, facial, hydrotherapy and more. Tantalizing right? The conference centre can hold up to 2000 guests making it a perfect destination for training and team-building exercises.

The Fees

The fees vary depending on the level of comfort and convenience you desire. Our dedicated travel agent will guide you through all our packages and discounts.

All our rates are in Kenya Shillings, per person, per night. We have different fees for bed & and breakfast, half board and full board. Your kids as well are considered.

We have a child policy for kids between 3-12 years. Kids with up to 3 years may share their rooms with their parents. Those above 4 years will get very affordable rates when sharing with parents.

  • 3 years and below sharing with parents – free
  • 4-12 years with 2 adults – 50% sharing rate per person
  • 4-12 years with 1 adult – 25% single rate per person
  • 4-12 years own room – 75 % room rate
  • An extra affordable rate is charged for an extra bed in the room

Prices may vary depending on the travel season and the number of persons in your company. Contact Pega Tours with your travel date and we will give you our discounted rates.

Things To Do at Lake Naivasha

There are tons of things to do at Lake Naivasha. You only need to settle for the right tour company to get the best experience. Pega Tours company has the best itinerary in town. Some of the epic activities we will expose you to include:

  • Adventurous safaris
  • Hikes up at Mt. Longonot
  • Enjoy the healing waters of Ol Karia geothermal spas
  • A tour of Kariandusi prehistoric site
  • Horseback rides
  • Boat rides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many fun facts about Lake Naivasha, and people would like to know about them. Here are some of the most asked questions you should know about the freshwater lake.

What is Lake Naivasha Known for?

Lake Naivasha is renowned for its large population of flamingos and hippos. Give or take the lake boasts of over 1000 hippos. You are guaranteed to see one of these magnificent beasts upon your visit. It is also a paradise for the ultimate birding experience. 

It is home to over 400 species of birds, with the flamingos dominating the lake surface turning the waters pink. Grazers such as zebras, impalas, waterbucks, and giraffes are all over the vicinity of the lake, around crescent island, and Crater Lake sanctuary.

Is Lake Naivasha worth visiting?

The Lake is worthwhile for visitors looking for a fabulous day trip from Nairobi and other parts of the country. Due to its ease of accessibility from the big city, the lake can get busy over the weekends. To avoid the crowds, plan your visit on a weekday to enjoy your desired privacy.

Can you swim in Lake Naivasha?

The lake borders several lodges and resorts. Swimming in the lake is generally regulated by management of these facilities. Those camping in Lake Naivasha will be provided essential amenities such as bathrooms and modern toilets. Activities such as bird watching, swimming, guided nature walks and boat rides are available to add thrill to your adventure. 

Is Lake Naivasha a freshwater lake?

The lake is essentially fresh with inlets coming in from rivers Malewa and Gilgil. Lake Naivasha has no noticeable outlets. Researchers believe the lake drains through underground seepage.

Are there crocodiles in Lake Naivasha?

No. The lake harbours no crocs, but its home to other animal species such as hippos and flamingos. An abundance of wild game dominates Lake Naivasha National Park in the vicinity. These are zebras, gazelles, waterbucks and more.

A visit to Lake Naivasha has all the hallmarks of a great outing. Photogenic views, amazing ambience, beautiful wildlife, and epic landscapes. Pega Tours travel will give you an experience of a lifetime once you book with us. Our agents are more than dedicated to assist you in any way possible as you plan for your trip.

Book Your Stay

Book your stay at top-notch Lake Naivasha lodges with Pega Tours today and get the best offer in town! Get a chance to visit the best touristy spots and enjoy amazing moments with family, friends, and relatives. You cannot get better deals elsewhere, so come, discover, and learn!