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An African Birdwatching Safari

Everyone has their own taste! While other travelers opt for a game drive or a walk on the pristine coastal beaches, others prefer a relaxing bird-watching excursion. 

The African natural resources provide fantastic habitats for hundreds of bird species. The wetlands, coastlines, marshes, deserts, rain forests, and even the African lakes are some of the spectacular bird-watching sites in Africa. 

Bird watching in Kenya is a popular activity by both local and international travelers. The country provides endemic species of birds and migrant types too, which visit the lakes, wetlands, and marshes to breed. 

At PegaTours, we have the best travel agents who will design a specialized trip for you. The trips are all-inclusive, unique holiday-focussed exploits for your ultimate birding experience—not forgetting wildlife photography destinations.

Customized Birdwatching Packages and Convenience

Kenya boasts of over 1000 bird species making it a paradise for bird lovers. Our travellers will enjoy different settings where these birds exist and the luxury of being able to spot them at the right time of day or night. Your itinerary may include all the following:

  • An all-day birding expedition in our luxurious safari vehicles escorted by our travel specialist through national parks and later a picnic lunch in the wild. Afterwards, an evening camping, dinner under the beautiful African skies.
  • A visit to the Great Rift Valley lakes for bird watching, especially during the breeding season. Later, you will be accommodated in our lush safari lodges or even get a unique camping experience.
  • Sighting of your target bird.
  • Picnic lunch guaranteed to bring out the thrill of the African wild
  • VIP cure 
  • Evening dinners at the deck of your lounge at sunset, as you watch the late-night birdies retire to their nests. 
  • Favorable rates based on economies of scale to cushion your budget. We value our visitors’ budgetary considerations and ensure we offer the best deals.

Our Unique Birding Experiences

Kenya presents a fantastic birding experience all year round. The prime season runs from October to March. PegaTours will provide you with the best treats throughout your trip to make your bird expedition in Kenya worthwhile.  

You will enjoy a game drive after breakfast and amply pack a delicious lunch for you to enjoy in the bush. You will not miss a boat ride when you tour our lakes as you watch and take photos of birds taking off and landing on shores or even those wading on the waters.  

Our travel specialist will also provide a defined schedule planning and a list of contacts that provide for all your needs. Departures will be equally charming, leaving you reminiscing about your incredible expedition. 

Booking Details

Book with us today to get an all-inclusive, memorable Kenyan bird watching package; enjoy a true definition of African uniqueness in sightseeing. Contact us now, and we will guide you on how to book your vacation.


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