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Wildlife Photography Safaris in Kenya and Beyond Borders

For decades, the East African region has stood out as the most storied safari destination. Famous for its evocative landscapes and legendary wildlife, the great nation offers you vast opportunities to capture iconic pictures of the continent.

From jumbos traversing expansive savannas and graceful giraffes nibbling acacia leaves to sneaky lions stalking wildebeests and proud Maasai Moran adorned in ritualistic beadwork, there’s a lot to spice up your gallery or artwork.

As one of the region’s leading tour companies reputable for memorable photography safaris in Kenya and beyond borders, Pega Tours is here to make the experience even better. We’ll help you access the right sites for award-winning nature photos to boost your art and impress those back home.

A Signature Photography Safari Experience

Traditional safaris don’t always mix with photography safaris in Kenya. It’s always frustrating when your guide or other occupants in your safari vehicle are interested in different subjects than you’d like to capture.

Wildlife photography safaris require adequate preparation, dedication, patience, and a reliable tour guide. Having sufficient space and proper equipment inside your vehicle is also imperative. In short, this should be a dedicated photographic safari.

Our experienced team understands what you’re looking for and can ensure the entire excursion is focused on your photography needs.

Get Access to Some of the World's Best Photography Safari Destinations

Kenya photography safari is open to everyone, whether you’re a complete greenhorn who doesn’t know the rule of thirds or a seasoned professional able to change lenses seamlessly on the bumpiest drives. Pega Tours will take you through the following experiences and destinations:

Maasai Mara Photo Safari

Our Maasai Mara photo safari itinerary ensures you experience and capture the park’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife. We’ll take you to the critical spots for nature photography, allowing you to experience the true freedom and wonder of the region’s plains.

You’ll camp in the forests along the banks of the great Mara River or in a special mobile camp tailored for the best photo safari experience in the reserve’s remotest, most beautiful parts. This way, you’ll explore its very heart and far-flung corners for an authentic photographic experience in the “great plains of East Africa.”

Amboseli Photo Safari

East Africa’s most photographed park, Amboseli National Park, is a must-visit location for every safari photographer. It’s on the country’s border with Tanzania, on the leeward side of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. The park’s 392 square kilometers make it relatively small, but it stands out as the second most visited. This can be attributed to its scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife – a true photographer’s paradise.   

Amboseli is a Maasai term for “salty dust,” The park lives up to its name while serving as a home for vast bird species and a host of unique wildlife. We will explore with you all the places of interest in this tiny yet popular national park. Moreover, our direct flights to the Mara will allow you to explore both parks.

Ngorongoro Crater Photo Safari

There’s simply no place like the Ngorongoro Crater, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and undoubted Eden of Africa. The park is surrounded by 360-degree, 1,968ft (600m) high walls, making it the world’s largest unfilled, intact caldera. Some safari photography enthusiasts consider it the continent’s version of Jurassic Park, thanks to its unmatched landscape and wildlife.

Pega Tours has everything you need to unlock the region’s photographic potential and capture the most unique and awesome photographs.  

Photography Safari Tours On Specialized Vehicles

One of the notable differences between typical and photography safaris is the need for specialized vehicles. Pega Tours understands your needs as a photographer. That’s why we provide a custom-built automobile specially configured for East Africa’s nature photography tours.

Our 4×4 land cruisers have fully opening side windows that let you capture quality pictures from any angle. They also come with opening roof hatches or pop-up roofs that let you stand from the top where necessary. We also provide tripod head stands for the side windows, and our cars have full-row seats for each photographer.

Finally, the specialized vehicles let you take ground-level photos to capture nature’s dramatic eye-level perspectives.

Book Your Photography Safari with Us

If this entire safari experience sounds good, you can take it a notch higher by booking with the best. As a leading photography safari company on the continent, Pega Tours will take care of every little detail of your trip to let you enjoy every second and capture every moment.

It’s time to plan your East African photography safari. Contact us today, and we’ll customize your tour to your specific needs and goals.


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