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Ultimate Adventure Safari in Kenya

To experience some of the magnificent events in a Kenya safari, such as the great wildebeest migration, dramatic lion battles for territory, high-speed cheetah-gazelle chases, and more, you require the services of a seasoned tour company like Pega Tours. 

You can rely on us to customize an unforgettable Kenyan adventure safari for you at a discounted cost. Anything that comes to mind, we can create it! 

Our Kenya jeep safaris are some of the most entertaining expeditions ever. Travelers aboard the jeeps get a hands-on experience of the different species of flora and fauna and the locals who live in the wilderness.

Value-Added Adventure Safari for Nature Lovers

PegaTours offers the best travel deals and guides you to the most iconic destinations in Kenya on a budget. 

Adventure safaris in Africa are incomparable for a perfect gateway, be it with family, friends, corporate entities, and other groups, and the right tour guide helps to bring out this experience. Everyone gets to have fun; even the children get a chance to enjoy a different part of the world by being immersed in a new culture. Your trip will be rewarded through:

• A range of discounted offers- Returning visitors get a discount. Students and kids under the age of 12 get a waiver, and so on.
• Delicious local food and beverages.
• Safety throughout your stay.
• Transfer upon arrival and pre-trip lodging. You don’t have to be worried about resting to get to the departure point in time on safari day.

Adventure Lovers! Here We Go

When talking about adventure safaris, most tour companies forget that the traveller’s needs come first. At Pega Tours, you are assured of pure entertainment such as watching elephants bathe in the mud to cool their bodies off, following a pack of wild dogs tracking and hunting down their prey, and more.

You will experience first-hand convenience through our travel specialist from our adventure safari company. This means that the monotonous hustle of online bookings and customer care calls is non-existent. Consequently, our clients enjoy:

• Customer service with a special touch
• Personal engagement with our clients before and after the safari
• Incredible relationships with African safari lodges ensure that our visitors’ experience is beyond their imagination.

Contact Us and Book Your Spot Today

At Pega Tours, we keep our travellers close at heart, especially those visiting for the first time or doing a repeat of a fantastic holiday. We ensure that visitors are afforded care and attention while on an adventure or when booking their elegant safari lodges. 

Our estimable adventure safaris will leave you craving for more and no doubt make your plan for your next expedition. We are always ready to serve you and equally listen to your comments, suggestions, or queries. Your enjoyment and feedback remain our highest priority! 

Book yourself today for an all-inclusive memorable Kenya adventure safari and gather memories of the perfect African adventure. Contact us now, and our luxury travel agents will guide you on how to book your vacation.


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