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Tailor Made Safaris in Kenya

Flexibility is paramount for an exploratory safari to Kenya. The fixed schedules set for group travels mainly interfere with your suppleness, meaning you can’t break off from the usual routine to enjoy other features of safaris that soothe your soul.

Pega Tours doesn’t disappoint like other tour companies that drag travelers to group outings on a fixed itinerary while at the mercy of a majority vote. Our tailor-made tours afford our guests the best travel deals that diversify their desires and needs within a workable budget.

Talk of bespoke holidays, destinations, or tours that allow for unlimited opportunities for your choosing. Our dedicated travel agent can arrange a customized Kenya safari trip anytime, irrespective of chosen safari tier. 

Our personalized and clandestine safaris consist of all travel aspects, including ground and air travel, to provide an option for gathered-in guests in safari vehicles. What’s the advantage? Your journey to the preferred landscape at your convenience to seek the adventure that gives you the thrill.

Customized Expedition Treats

Your mind, body, and soul require constant rejuvenation to enable you to have life balance, order, and tranquillity. 

Our customized safari package is specifically tailored to ensure you revitalize your system. Pega Tours ensures that your budgetary obligations are considered. Our guarantees include: 

• All-inclusive meet and greet services with airport assistance
• Spas and wellness offering a whole new sense of luxury and leisure
• Customized meals and beverages
• English speaking guide at your service on a private basis
• Flying doctors from AMREF in case of emergency

Customize Your Stay Through Any of These Services

Our services are mind-blowing with impeccable care and attention to detail concerning the needs of our esteemed customers. What do we have in store for you?

  • Excellent accommodation:Your booking comes with stunning safari lodges located in areas with photogenic views. 
  • Exquisite meals:Start your day with a delicious safari breakfast from an extensive menu. Depending on your choice, you can have your lunch in the hotel or have an adventurous picnic at a nice spot in the bush. Oh yes! The thrill is everything. 
  • Convenience in travel:Enjoy your exploits in the wild on 4 x 4 cruisers with open rooftops. PegaTours offers the best transportation for any environment convenient for the African savannah. To get the most out of your experience in the wild, pick your seat next to the window. You can thank me later!   

Our travel agent will optimize your stay by providing a defined schedule planning and a list of contacts that provide for all your needs. Your safari will come as a package filled with these fantastic offers:

  • A professionally guided trip provided by an expert PegaTour’s agent
  • 24 hours quality customer service
  • Safari drives, meals, and accommodation
  • Boat rides, park entrance, and walk fees

Best Deals Await You. Book Now!

Book yourself today and get the best customized safari in Kenya. Enjoy an infallible day and let your dreams come true. Contact us now, and our luxury travel agents will guide you on how to book your vacation.


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