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Luxury Escapades and Safaris in Kenya

Luxury is explained differently depending on people and their experiences. Most people relate luxury to sumptuous services and comfort. Others perceive luxury as a source of great enjoyment and pleasure.

Pega Tours Travels uses the term “luxury” to define experiences of utter lavishness and tranquillity, superb accommodation with stunning interiors, comfortable tour vans, outstanding customer service, and elegant facilities. Our luxury vacation deals in Kenya will allow you to learn a lot from the diverse cultures of its people in different parts of the country. Holidays in Kenya offer numerous opportunities. 

Our magnificent deals include exclusive Kenya safari lodges, stays at top Kenyan luxury hotels, exploratory tented camping, glamping, and high-end African safari tours among other luxury holiday destinations. Whether you desire to unwind at pristine beaches, tour amazing environs, or ravel through a vibrant city in style, we are ready to turn this dream into reality. 

Customized Luxury and Convenience

Our seasoned luxury travel specialists have the capacity of handling local and regional tours and travels for the most perceptive travelers from all walks of life.

You will experience first-hand convenience through our travel specialist from our luxury travel company. This means that the tedious hustle of online bookings and customer care calls is eliminated. Consequently, our clients enjoy:

● Room upgrades
● Spa credits
● Food and beverages tributes
● VIP cure
● Early check-in or late check-out
● Favorable rates

Executive White Glove Service

Our fervent luxury travel specialists don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to ensuring a flawless excursion. From your arrival at the airport, you are assured of VIP treatment, and comfortable vehicles to facilitate cozy and efficient transport to various destinations.

Our accommodation is carefully personalized to the preferred expectations of our visitors. Our luxury travel company will optimize your stay through the provision of a defined schedule planning and a list of contacts that provide for all your needs. Departures will be equally charming, leaving you reminiscing about your wonderful expedition.

Your time to travel will be a package treated with:

  • Vivacious experiences to cater to your personal needs
  • Seamless execution
  • 24 hours quality customer service

Our Guarantees

We value our esteemed travelers, especially those visiting for the first time or doing a repeat of an amazing holiday. We ensure that visitors are accorded VIP care when sightseeing, visiting elegant safari lodges, marine, and national parks, experiencing diversity in cultures, and enjoying scrumptious dishes.

Our admirable Kenyan holiday packages will leave you wanting more, and no doubt make your plan for another African safari. We are always ready to serve you and equally listen to your comments, suggestions, or queries. Your comfort and feedback remain our highest priority!    

Book yourself today with our luxury travel company and make an infallible day of the true definition of an African safari, sightseeing and so much more. Contact us now and our luxury travel agents will guide you on how to book your vacation.

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