Beach Safaris

Custom-made beach safaris in Kenya for beach sand lovers

Birdwatching Safari

An African birdwatching safari

Culture Experiences

The adoption and growth of community-based tourism in Kenya

Family Holiday Tours

Let us remove the hassle and headache of finding a suitable family vacation package for you

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda and Uganda: experience epic bush safaris

Group Safari

Experience an enjoyable getaway as a group at an authentic African safari

Honeymoon Safari

From a beautiful candlelit dinner under the moon and stars to a friendly campfire with traditional Kenyan songs

Luxury Travel

Luxury is explained differently depending on people and their experiences.

Photography Safaris

Wildlife photography safaris in Kenya and beyond borders

Solo Travel

A solo excursion in Kenya has never been more entertaining and fun filled.

Wildlife Adventure Safari

Experience some of the magnificent events in a Kenya safari, such as the great wildebeest migration.

Tailor-made Safaris

Flexibility is paramount for an exploratory safari to Kenya.

Volunteer Safaris

Affordable summer volunteer safaris and excursions in Kenya

Walking Safaris

Guided walks with the primary goal of exploring various wildlife species all over the bush.

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