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Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda and Uganda: Experience Epic Bush Safaris

Seeing gorillas up close in the wild is by far the most magical experience in Africa. That is why at Pega Tours, we want to ensure this once-in-a-lifetime experience is seamless. With our professional guides, you get a face-to-face encounter with these great apes in the parks of Uganda and Rwanda and create lasting memories worth sharing.

What’s unique about our Gorilla trekking safari is that our guides understand that African apes survive and thrive in what remains of the natural habitat. They only stay in the wild and cannot be seen in the zoo. Their population, even in protected reserves, is countable.

Besides, a pack of gorillas is often protected by a patriarchal silverback who also keeps an eye on the surroundings. It’s therefore important you book your tour with someone knowledgeable and experienced. 

At Pega Tours, we are experts in all things wildlife; including gorilla families, and planned Safaris that match your interests, hiking ability, and budget. Because our tour guides are experts in all matters related to the African apes, they will provide information and facts related to gorillas, the forest, and other wildlife.

Expect a Personal Touch

Mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda are the main attraction for both local and international visitors. That’s because they exhibit a gentle vulnerability despite the ape’s colossal sizes. Whether for a short or long excursion, moments with gorillas are bound to be life-changing. We arrange safaris for individuals, families, and groups. We secure the relevant permits and arrange accommodations in Uganda or Rwanda.

We consider your hiking preference and personal fitness when customizing your Uganda gorilla safari. The length of the trek, whether for an hour or more, allows you to interact with nature and reap the benefits. And when you come within the range of a gorilla family, our experts will show you how to approach the animals more closely. Your guides are reliable, and the drivers know the terrain well. Thus we will take good care of you while in the forest.

Your itinerary may include:

  • Learning about the gorilla group intimately.
  • Taking a picnic lunch while enjoying the scenic beauty of Lake Bunyola.
  • Canoe driving on the lake.
  • Interacting with nature while trekking through the thick Bwindi Forest.
  • Trekking for at least an hour in search of the silverback gorilla.
  • Taking ample time to enjoy the presence of the gorilla group/family.

From exceptional offers to unique customized tours, we ensure you are safe and have a seamless experience. Our tour guides offer in-depth knowledge which proves valuable and gives value for your money.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Our Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla trekking safaris are designed to meet all budgets and exceed your expectations. We offer safari packages ranging from 3-day gorilla treks to several days.

Expect to travel in luxury tour vans and sleep in some of the best hotels/lodges in Africa, eating the finest food and drinking wine. Our experienced guides work to ensure you come within a close range of a mountain gorilla family, who may be hanging from trees, grooming each other, playing, or eating plants.

If the apes are on the move, our professionals will guide you on how to move with them within the required minimum distance. The exciting part about a gorilla trekking safari is that it’s impossible to pinpoint where exactly you will find the animals. But when you are part of our gorilla hiking Rwanda safari, our guides will help locate the animal’s location, be it in an open clearing or the dense part of the forest under a thick canopy.

No single day is the same. So expect every experience to be unique and life-changing, especially if you’re passionate about wildlife.

Gorilla Trekking Uganda Vs. Rwanda

Choosing the ideal destination to see the gorillas can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially for first-time travelers. Do you go to a safari in Uganda or Rwanda? How about going to both countries and judging which safari is the best?

We provide exclusive trekking trips to Uganda and Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park, which has a variety of habitats, Bwindi Forest with mountainous terrain and steep dirt roads, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with steep areas. At Pega Tours, we surpass your expectations, and by the end of the safari, you will be proud to say that Gorilla trekking is worth it.

Book Your Gorilla Trekking Safari Now

Can’t wait to start planning your trip? Let us take all the hustle away and take care of all the necessary logistics so that your Gorilla trekking can be smooth. We have handpicked our Gorilla trekking tours based on experiences and recommendations. So book now and brace yourself for a wonderful experience!


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