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Full-Service Group Safari Expeditions

Have you thought of taking a quick getaway as a group for a unique experience at an authentic African Safari? African group safaris are memorable events that add value to your life and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body? 

For travelers, it is hard to get the complete tourist experience, and that is why we are here to make it happen for you. Pega Tour’s Kenya Safari packages for small groups are enticing. You will have access to unlimited choices. For instance, a half, one, two, or even a three-day tour of the great national parks in the country while seated in a comfortable 4×4 jeep that can traverse any terrain. If the group is large in number, a minivan will be provided for your luxury. 

The Kenyan wild is home to some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife, and we will ensure that you catch a glimpse of your favourite animals and create unforgettable memories. You will also have a chance to build a photo gallery of the greatest game on earth.

Want Some Group Fun?

Group safaris in Kenya holidays offer numerous opportunities. Our superb deals include exclusive private safaris in Kenya, affordable Kenyan safari packages, stays at top Kenyan luxury hotels, exploratory tented camping, and high-end African safari tours, among other luxury holiday destinations. 

Whether you desire to unwind at pristine beaches, explore outstanding environs, or ravel through a vibrant city in style, we are ready to turn this dream into reality. Our inclusions will involve the following:

• Parking fees
• Superb accommodation
• A professional guide/driver
• All taxes/VAT
• Scrumptious meals
• Drinking water
• Wildlife photography
• All other fun activities

What Group Safari Service Should You Expect?

Our vibrant group Safaris in Kenya holidays doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ensuring an exquisite excursion. 

Your group will be treated like royalty. You will have full access to the whole place for yourselves and more. A stay with us is a captivating experience combined with elegance in accommodation and amazing sceneries. Our cuisine and service are so refreshing, that you will yearn for more. 

A Pega Tours travel agent will optimize your stay by providing a defined schedule planning and a list of contacts that cater for all your needs. Departures will be equally charming, leaving you reminiscing about your wonderful expedition. 

Your time to travel will come as a package offering:

  • Accommodation treats including elegant rooms and lodges with efficient room service double rooms, single rooms, all with fresh clean bathrooms 
  • Discrete and friendly staff always on hand to provide white-glove service
  • A variety of delicious dishes for you – Choose where you want to dine; by the pool; in the wild picnic; under a tree overlooking the hillside
  • Pristine beaches and sublime lakeside set ups 

Group Safari Bookings

Don’t leave anything to chance. Memories are made of this. Pega Tours ensures that groups from different places enjoy their excursion with value for their money. Wait no further. Book with us now, and our travel agent will be at your every service for a terrific unique experience.

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