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Family Safari Holiday Tours packages in Kenya

Let PegaTours remove the hassle and headache of finding a suitable Family safari holiday packages in Kenya for you. We have up to 500 tours all over Kenya, lasting between one day and 20 days of pure adventure and luxury.  

You do not have to wonder whether your kids, siblings, or parents will have a blast! Picture this; a treat to the Big Five game reserves, access to pristine beaches, bird watching sanctuaries, or even a ride in a hot air balloon for catchy sightseeing – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kenya is renowned for delivering quality and worthwhile family safaris to local and international visitors – and we are your guide to this experience. Experience the thrill of the wild with our  Family safari  holiday packages in Kenya

Through our professional guide, your family holiday safari will not miss out on some of the country’s iconic treats! You will be engaged in tracking the big cats through game drives, taking your toddler to hand-feed a giraffe, and enjoying guided bush walks by local Maasai as the older kids learn how to use a bow and arrow or even make a fire in the bush using sticks.

Give Your Family an Experience to Remember

At PegaTours, we always aspire to give each visitor a tour of their lifetime. We understand that different family members enjoy different things, and that’s perfectly fine. While you might enjoy spotting rare birds through high-powered binoculars, your spouse might be keen on the cool morning breeze as she hikes up a mountain trail. 

Your kids might be into adrenaline-packed zip-lining tours or a chance to experience the organized chaos of the wildebeest crossing the Mara River as they try their best to avoid the eagerly awaiting crocodiles.

It doesn’t matter what everyone wants for their perfect safari. We have various destinations and activities that we can mix and match to ensure everyone has a fond story to tell once the vacation is over.

Family Friendly Convenience at Affordable Costs

Can’t Wait to Plan Your Safari? Contact Us Now for Booking!

You don’t have to spend hours taking care of all the finer details of your African safari. We can help your family have a blast by taking care of all the planning and logistics of a complete vacation. Contact us today and let one of our tour planners help you give your family a memorable stay in Kenya. Experience the magic of Kenya with our exclusive Family safari Holiday Packages At Pega Tours .


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To design the perfect family holiday packages, we have put together the experience we have gathered from conducting tours in Africa for over 20 years to strike the perfect balance between fun, convenience, and affordability.

We understand that you are traveling as a family group and would like to get the best bang for your buck without making anything uncomfortable or embarrassing. Some of the efforts we put into giving your family the best vacation include:

  • Providing the perfect accommodation options to ensure parents and children get the privacy they need without making them feel separated
  • Using the economies of scale to provide family vacation discounts that make us one of the best-priced family holiday tour companies in the region
  • Coming up with a custom itinerary with customizable options that make it easier for your family to mix and match the perfect holiday that will leave everyone satisfied
  • Different sized tour vans to ensure we never separate your family at any point. You will stay together from the moment we pick you up at the airport to the time we drive you back to catch your flight.
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