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Custom-Made Beach Safaris in Kenya for Beach Sand Lovers

Kenya is endowed with many coastal destinations from which you can curate your perfect beach safari. So, go through these details if you wish to switch from the fast-paced bush safari life to a more relaxed and romantic experience. You will be appalled by how much you could do if you opted for custom-made beach safaris.

Custom-Made Beach Safaris in Kenya

A longer beach retreat with a shorter safari option is most preferred for most European guests planning their first time or repeat beach and bush trips to the Kenyan coastline. The diversity of activities you could engage in during the safari provides a wide array of options. From enjoying the warm coastal weather to visiting wildlife conservancies, there is something for everyone, regardless of their preference.

The best part about Kenya beach safaris is you could book the weekly chartered flight to Mombasa and immediately tune into vacation mode. You could spend a few days in Mombasa, soaking in the island’s warm and humid weather while having a feel of its sandy beaches. Later, you could proceed to the Mara for game drives and have a feel of bush life, village visits, hiking, and nature walks while enjoying life in the wild.

Later, you could return to the seaside for the rest of your vacation. The length of your stay at the beach and the bush will depend on your itinerary and preference. Nonetheless, we have curated highlights of custom-made beach safaris in Kenya to provide endless options you could consider before you start your trip.

Safari From Diani Beach

Those who have been to the Kenyan coast believe the hype about Diani beach. This picturesque stretch of white sand may be the finest in the country and maybe in the continent. Diani has been voted thrice as the continent’s leading beach destination, reason enough to make you consider safaris from Diani beach.

Diani’s long spaces are fringed with beautiful and luscious greenery exuding an easy and very relaxed vibe. You will be sure not to find crowds on this pristine sweep of the coastline. So, you never have to worry about being in your best element while connecting with the beach and downing yourself in its sophisticated comfort.

Diani’s golden sands are to die for, especially since coral reefs set them off. You could enjoy a stroll on the beach barefoot while having a feel of the sand. The clean beaches assure you of the best background for your shots if you love taking photographs.

There is plenty to do in this mind-gobbling vacation spot. You could go jet skiing, kitesurfing, snorkelling or camel riding by the beach. Alternatively, you could go sky diving, especially if you are an adrenaline junky.

At PegaTours, we guarantee to link you with the most professional guides to help you have an experience of a lifetime. You do not have to go through the hassle and bustle of arranging for these activities. We could help you curate the perfect itinerary, so you never have to worry about not making the most of your holiday.

Mombasa Beach Safaris

Mombasa is another destination you should not overlook. Its north coast beaches are the perfect jumping-off points for most safaris in the country. The diversity in the places you could visit and activities you could engage in is not limiting. You could join the Natural World Kenya Safari to wildlife-filled locations like Amboseli and Tsavo.

If you like the beach more and would love to engage in water-related activities, there is so much you could do during the Mombasa beach safari. You could enjoy the sandy beaches in Nyali, Bamburi, Kilifi and Kikambala. You could also go boat riding on either of these beaches. If you wish to have a relaxing sunbathing moment, the private beaches along the coastline guarantee the ambience you need.

Beach and Bush Safaris

We could curate that for you if you would love a feel of the beach and bush experience. It does not matter if you wish to go as far as the Masaai Mara, Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru for a slightly different feel. Our itinerary guarantees to put your interests first. The length of the safari could also be customized to your liking.

Booking Details

Book with us today and get all-inclusive options for beach safaris. If you wish to have yours customized to your liking, we will do that at no added cost. Contact us not, and we will take you through the booking process.


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