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The adoption and growth of community-based tourism in Kenya are aligned with the development of community-driven conservation and ecotourism. It has also promoted the formation of organizations representing community-based tourism enterprises that have profited from the tourism sector. 

There has been a significant rise in the interest and number of local tourists in the past three years. These figures have significantly impacted the local tourism sector and played an essential role in its revival after the industry suffered the major effects of the pandemic. The promising numbers and opportunities have raised the question of sustainable and community-based tourism.

Sustainable tourism is a two-way traffic that benefits the host, visitor and the tourist attraction site. However, it would be prudent to understand the concept from its inception for a better view and judgement. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a partner that is passionate about community-based tourism, reach out to us. We are committed to putting your interests first while ensuring you have a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Our rates are affordable, and we are one call away.

How Can Your Participate?

In community-based tourism, the residents earn directly from the tourist attraction activities or locations. For instance, in Kenya, residents benefit from the sector by being entrepreneurs, service providers and land managers, to mention a few. Others are employees at tourist attraction sites.

Community Tourism Examples

For instance, the Maasai community living near the Maasai Mara national park have leveraged this opportunity to ensure the sector’s sustainability. Most of the employees at the park are from the local communities. 

Others have taken advantage of the market visitors create when they visit the park to showcase and sell their beaded work and jewellery. Others who are skilled have used the opportunity by showcasing their skills and earning from them.

Benefits of Community Tourism to the Nationis

In Kenya, most communities living around tourism attraction sites have established community-based tourism enterprises to:

  1. Boost Their Living Standards

The influx of visitors to these locations has a direct economic impact on the community. Locals benefit directly by securing job opportunities within the tourism ecosystem, ultimately impacting the country’s financial status.

  1. Promotes Local Tourism

Community-based tourism promotes a more equitable community structure, and the association with foreign tourists boosts the confidence of local tourists to visit these locations and communities. The rise in the number of local tourists also directly impacts the country’s economy.

  1. Gain an Alternative Source of Income

These enterprises also provide the locals with an alternative source of income. Hosts earn directly from the tourist attraction site, while others earn from entrepreneurship.

Benefits of Community-Based Tourism for the Community

Community-based tourism allows visitors to connect closely with the local people and have a truly authentic experience. This experience also ensures that the revenue generated from these activities remains and is utilized within the economically marginalized community. Meanwhile, these are the other benefits of community-based tourism to the community:

  1. It promotes cultural conservation.
  2. It helps safeguard the well-being of the indigenous people.
  3. It provides and provides an alternative and more sustainable source of income and reduces cases of poaching and other unsustainable practices.
  4. It encourages pride within the community and promotes the protection of community resources.
  5. It encourages wildlife conservation.
  6. It brings much-needed recognition and attention to the local community.
  7. It encourages the participation of women in income-generating activities and reduces their marginalization.
  8. The income generated will most likely benefit the community economically and improve its status.

Benefits of Community-Based Tourism for the Tourist

Community-based eco-tourism projects in Kenya also benefit the visitor. These are the advantages of this model and how you stand to benefit from them:

  1. You earn first-hand information about the local community.
  2. You are more likely to receive and experience a more authentic experience, and any questions and clarification are quickly addressed with confidence.
  3. You are confident about receiving unique insight into the specific destination you are visiting.
  4. You are certain about the money you are paying for these services being utilized for a good cause.
  5. You are sure about your contribution towards cultural and wildlife conservation.
  6. You can better form a deeper connection with the community and place you visit.

What Is Community Tourism?

Community tourism refers to travel experiences owned, run and led by communities, non-profit organizations and social enterprises. It bypasses the barriers to impact the underserved communities directly.

What Is the Main Purpose of Community Tourism?

Community-based tourism directly impacts the inhabitants of the location within the tourist attraction site. It also allows the hosts to play a role in generating movement in the elements of production and exchange of goods and services in the specific region.

What Are Some Benefits of Community Tourism?

Community tourism directly impacts the population in the tourism destination and equally profits the visitor. For instance, the tourist gets a first-hand experience and, at the same time, directly impacts the community.

What Are the Main Types of Tourism in Kenya?

The main forms of tourism in Kenya are domestic, inbound and outbound tourism. However, the most common of the three is domestic tourism.

Community-based tourism encourages a profound relationship between the host and the visitor. It also promotes cultural and wildlife conservation and plays a significant role in environmental protection while enhancing livelihoods. Nonetheless, its sustainability depends on social responsibility. So, it is paramount for both parties to be responsible, especially for the sustainability’s existence and well-being.

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