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Affordable Summer Volunteer Safaris and Excursions in Kenya

You have decided to do something different this summer; an affordable Volunteer Safari. You have also decided to make this season an adventure of giving back to others, especially those in hardship areas. Well, look no further! Pega Tours is at your service to provide a seamless customized experience. 

A volunteer excursion in Kenya, a land famous for being a haven for the Big Five, diverse culture, and fantastic scenery, is your ideal choice. You will undoubtedly combine your voluntary work with exploration of unique phenomena such as tropical beaches, wildebeest migration, delicious cuisine, and bird watching. 

We have prepared a list of volunteer excursions in Kenya for you to choose. These opportunities are carefully tailored to satisfy your preference and are offered by renowned organizations in Kenya. Volunteer excursions in Kenya include environmental conservation, community development, health initiatives, business projects, education programs, and wildlife conservation.  

Culsans Gap Travel

This is an eight-week Kenyan expedition where our visitors are engaged in the traditional Maasai way of life. Unforgettable moments are lived in this voluntary program as you make new friends, taste fresh food, and try new outfits while finding contentment in helping out in community projects. 

You will have up-close participation in community development, anti-poaching programs, wildlife research, and environmental conservation. As you continue with the volunteer Safari, several skills will be imparted to you. These include:

• Protection of endangered plant and animal species
• Indigenous veterinary caregiving
• Traditional medicine administration
• Animal tracking

Love Volunteers

The ‘Love Volunteers’ initiative will allow you to participate productively in orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps, schools, and community centers. Pega Tours will customize your experience to suit your preferences, profile, and interests. 

We will also provide you with the necessary tools through this initiative to enable you to make a significant difference in people’s lives. We love ensuring that our esteemed clients complete their voluntary experiences with personal satisfaction and inner joy, knowing that they have touched the hearts of local people.  

Volunteer Programs in Kenyan Orphanages

Children lovers have the best opportunity to play with kids, take care of them and teach them a thing or two. ‘Volunteering solutions’ is one of the most engaging initiatives to facilitate such voluntary work for you. Your daily activities will include feeding, clothing, and playing with the children. 

You will also participate in house chores, such as cooking and cleaning. The weekends are solely for adventure. Oh yes! You are free to unwind through the big cities, go for safaris in national parks, do a bit of hiking, explore different cultures, and more. Taking care of children is quite rewarding because you get a chance to make a real difference.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Animal lovers will have a safe and adventurous volunteer safari in Kenya, where they will be engaged in lion and other wildlife research and conservation. This travel mainly focuses on research and conservation of wildlife species, with the lion accorded special attention. 

You do not require special skills for this, just a positive mindset and eagerness to learn. A seasoned team of researchers will be at your disposal to guide you through the entire program. The team will teach you essential skills in accurate data collection, big cat tracking, and monitoring, elephant population research, photo taking, and everything else to learn about the wild. 

Global Dental Research

Hey there dentists! Do you feel like putting your valuable skills into doing greater good? Look no more, for we are here to actualize your fantasy. This incredible volunteer excursion happens between July and August in Maasai Mara and Nairobi, Kenya. 

Together with other volunteer dentists and ‘wannabees,’ you will be engaged in providing dental services to children in Kenya and educating them about hygiene. As you assist the good people of the land, you will traverse through beautiful sceneries, visit local markets, and see many cultures in one all-inclusive package.


Touching the hearts of the less fortunate is one of the noblest things you can do. Pega Tours is giving you this chance to kill two birds with one stone, perform volunteer work, and have a fantastic expedition simultaneously. The memories will be yours for keeps. Book with us today to have an African experience of a lifetime.


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